Pauly D's Italian Subs

A Celebrity Virtual Dining Concept

VDC is a Leader in Celebrity Restaurant Brands


  • Gain access to a nationally recognized celebrity brand.
  • Developed with the celebrities, not just endorsed.
  • Reach an untapped customer base through their network of millions of fans.
  • Brands for every kitchen based on your existing equipment.
  • Menus developed to ensure easy execution, profitability & guest satisfaction.
Pauly D's Italian Subs

VDC is a turnkey solution for adding a Virtual brand to your existing restaurant.

A Virtual brand is an incredibly effective and efficient way for restaurateurs to increase their bottom line with minimal impact on current operations. Virtual brands offer restaurant owners a separate concept that runs out of their kitchens and is available for delivery only via food delivery services.

By restaurateurs for restaurateurs

Our goal is to help the restaurant community generate secondary sources of income through virtual brands. We give you the expertise and know-how of seasoned restaurateurs, knowledge from national chain experience, and the vision to put it all together in one complete easy to implement solution.

We provide you everything you need

The VDC turnkey solution provides you an A-Z guide on how to launch our virtual brands. We spend hours researching and developing our brands to ensure additional orders in any market. Build multiple concepts out of one kitchen and create a more profitable delivery business.

70+ years in the restaurant industry and we want to share it with you.